Established in 2005

Bringing Professional and ethical accounts receivable management services to our healthcare service creditors! “We are Customer Service” throughout all of our programs and services, regardless of what stage your accounts are in when referred to our systems. 

We specialize in serving the EMS and Emergency Service Healthcare provider industries. This includes City, County, Fire Rescue, Commercial, Private and Not for Profit organizations. Our management team has been working with these organizations for more than thirty years individually, and will bring that level of knowledge and experience to your project when established with UFMS.

We look forward to serving you and your customers!

Thomas Hynes, President

"About" Quick Reference Programs and Services


Full Service Outsource Billing

Utilizing ESO Billing Software, Certified Coders, CMS Compliant Billers, professional clearinghouse electronic claims submissions, and electronic EOB posting processes – your accounts are in well versed and certified hands.

Self-Pay Outsource Billing

Let us handle the calls, invoices, letters, and pay plans when it comes to your self-pay account balances. We handle all of the processing, all of the related costs, and where available can even update your billing system with the discovery of carriers, address and TCPA qualified telephone, text and email information updates. Meanwhile your in-house staff is completely focused on maximizing your CMS, commercial, auto, workers compensation, and VA claims. This is also a precursor to all of our collection services provided below…

Bad Debt Collection

United We Collect, was founded on the premise that we place “Customer Service” above all else. ACA International Certified Representatives, signed Code of Ethics, with Continuous ongoing training, adapting to all new laws, regulations, and technologies that are being introduced to increase the customer experience, ease of access, and consumer data security are a must! We work with our industry associations, software vendors, government agencies, and local legal advisers to ensure your accounts are managed in accordance with current standards.

See more detail in our Services Tab! Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to serving you and your accounts!


To provide positive and effective consumer experiences throughout every stage of the healthcare accounts receivable management process.


Technologically enhanced receivable management - consumer self-serving resolutions that meet with client and consumer satisfaction.