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Full Service Outsource Billing:

Provider Outsource, Inc. is a full service billing agency established in 2005. Our core business is providing service to professional healthcare practices and facilities, with specializations in EMS. We have extensive experience handling all facets of the claim process, including rejections, appeals, and timely filing resolutions. Let us assist you in lowering your costs, assisting your patients, and managing your claims process quickly.

Provider Outsource delivers a comprehensive outsource billing program that removes all overhead of the billing, processing, filing, invoicing and posting of your accounts. Outsource programs are managed on an independent server, with continuous back up capability for data security, redundancy and full PHI and HIPAA Compliance.

Many medical providers have found that maintaining an administrative department to manage the accounts receivable and patient management portion of their business is growing into an uncontrollable cost, especially when considering turn over and retraining issues when employees and management are promoted or leave the practice. These circumstances can be resolved effectively by outsourcing your billing practice management to Provider Outsource!

Just a few services offered through Provider Outsource:

  • Skip Tracing
  • Full Transparency
  • Payer Data Mining
  • Electronic Claims Filing

A dedicated account manager and billing specialist is assigned to your account to answer any questions. Find out today how we can help you!

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