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Collection Programs

Pre-Collect Program/Early Out

(Less than 60 days aging)

United Collection Service, Inc. offers a variety of pre-collect programs, including those customized to meet your own particular needs. Services that include letters, automated arrangement systems, outbound automated systems, and hands on collector involvement are available with flexible fee structures to maximize early recoveries with minimal contingency fees.

Per-Letter / Call Program

The “Per-Letter/Call Program” offers a pre-arranged service in which accounts referred will receive a set number of letters and/or calls to attempt collection. You, the client, will be billed on a flat rate, per account, based on the arranged number of letters/calls you select. Letters and telephone contact scripts can be customized to your approval, and payments will be directed to the address of your choosing. Accounts that do not pay may either be returned to you for your own additional processing, or can be placed into a regular collection program at the conclusion of the letter/call program (see First Placement Program below).

First Placement Program

First Placements are accounts that have not received any recovery or collection service outside of your offices. These accounts are eligible for either of the above programs prior to standard collection procedures, or may be directed immediately into regular collections, which makes use of all services available where applicable. Fee structures are most flexible when considering First Placement accounts, again depending on prior activities, placement volume, average balance, and age of accounts.

Second Placement Program

Very similar to First Placement accounts, but having had recovery service outside of your facility prior to being referred to United Collection Service, Inc. The Per-Letter Program is available on these accounts, however recoveries are expected to be conservative. Immediate regular collection effort is the primary program for Second Placements. Fee structures for these accounts are also reflective of the circumstances with which they are referred.

Regardless of which services you select from United Collection Service, Inc., the entire staff will make every effort to recover your accounts in the fashion you have set to process your accounts.